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Autumn - Novigrad sea

Spring and Autumn Offers

Temperatures around 20 ºC and the pleasantly warm climate make Croatia an ideal destination in spring. It is the time of awakening: the chirping of Mediterranean crickets mix with the singing of the birds; the scent of blooming flowers and herbs fills the air. On the markets one can already find freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.

Spring is also ideal for camping. Hiking and long walks as well as cultural excursions are especially appealing this time of year. For those seeking tranquility and sun, the beach is an oasis of relaxation where the silence is occasionally broken by a gentle breeze over the sea.

When the big hype about summer is over, the leaves are colorful and the first rays of sunshine in the morning break through the fog, then it is autumn in Croatia. At this time of year it is particularly quiet, with only the small fishing boats chugging over the sea, followed by seagulls. When it is very calm, the boats seem to float just above the water-surface. Croatia for connoisseurs, lovers and romantics.

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