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How to Build a Sluice Box: The 7 Things You Need to Do It

If you''re able to follow the correct configuration on how to build a sluice box and use it well, finding gold along rivers would prove to be an easier task. It saves you time from sifting gold in a pan and it does not require electricity to operate. Aside from that, it also makes gold hunting more fun! Resources

Best matting riffle combination for fine gold Sluicing

Apr 13, 2013 · I use the heavy woven vinyl matting with an underlayer of deep vribbed matting in the CC690 power sluice that I manufacture. The vortex action over the riffles helps keep the matting clear of lighter materials by ejecting them back up into the slurry stream while the heavies migrate down through the matting and are trapped.

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Sluice Wikipedia. Types of sluice gates Flap sluice gate A fully automatic type, Typical sluices have transverse riffles over a carpet, which trap the heavy minerals, gemstones, and other valuable minerals. The result is a concentrate. Types of material used for sluice gates.

Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box ching Gold

Nearly all portable dredge sluices have Hungarian type riffles, and I wanted my homemade sluice to have them as well. The concept of the Hungarian riffle (also called the Lazy L) is that the water and gravel flow over the riffle and a little eddy sets up behind the riffle.

Simple Steps to Build a Sluice Box for Gold

Aug 14, 2016 · Old sluice boxes were often longer than 5 feet long with walls that exceeded 12 inches in height. It really isn''t necessary to make a sluice box this large. If it is designed properly you should be capturing most placer gold within the first few riffles of the sluice box, and certainly no more than 3

How to Use a Sluice for Gold: 8 Steps (with wikiHow

Jan 24, 2018 · How to Use a Sluice for Gold. Gold prospecting is becoming an everincreasingly popular hobby. Spending time in the beauty of the outdoors and the lure of striking it rich are some of the attractions. The gold sluice allows a prospector to

Design and Build your Homemade Highbanker

The sluice will also need to have some prevision for mounting the feed box on top of it. For those interested in making their own sluice box from aluminum with steel riffles as a do it yourself type of project, I can say if you have any metal fabriion skills, you will find this an easy project.


Early sluice boxes were nothing more than wood or fine clay troughs. Many different types of riffles were tried, stone, logs, grass, sticks, etc. The pioneer prospectors found that a rough wooden sluice with raised wooden slats worked best and was easy to build. The principal behind the sluice box is the same no matter what design is used.

Sluice Wikipedia

Typical sluices have transverse riffles over a carpet, which trap the heavy minerals, gemstones, and other valuable minerals. The result is a concentrate. Types of material used for sluice gates. A small wooden sluice in Magome, Japan, used to power a waterwheel. Wood

How to use a sluice box Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

Heavy wire screen of the type used for screening gravel, and expanded metal lath are sometimes used as riffles in smallsize sluices, particularly where much fine gold is present. This type of riffle is usually installed over burlap mats, cocoa matting, or similar roughsurfaced fabric which helps hold the fine gold.

How To Build and Operate Sluice Boxes

riffles. Alternatively the box is divided into two sections, one with and one without riffles. Unfortunately this type of dualmode sluice is a compromise that saces recovery efficiency somewhat but it saves most of us from having to carry two different boxes, or multilevel boxes into the field.

Do It Yourself, Homemade Gold Sluice Box blogspot

Jul 28, 2011 · Riffles can be made from half inch square dowel nailed about every 6 inches down the length of the sluice. The section without riffles in the top of the box about a foot long is often left for the spot where material shoveled in. This type of sluice box does ch gold, and is easy to build, but is hard to clean out at the end of the day.

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Apr 25, 2013 · Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box ching Gold . I cut the sheet steel to size on the shear and I bent the riffles on the brake. They are just like the standard Keene riffles, a modified Hungarian type. To make them »More detailed

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GoldHog Sluice Mats GoldHog Gold Prospecting Equipment

The #1 HighTech sluice mat in the USA. Made in the USA from heavy EPDM Rubber GoldHog® sluice mats are heavy duty, flexible, excellent heat, ozone and weather resistant. Can perform from 200 degrees to 20 degrees. Expected life span is 10+ years in standard sluicing operations, and 35 years in large commercial mining operations.

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JOBE sluices are designed with a riffle set containing both Hungarian and stream riffles. Both types of riffles are designed to create turbulence that deposits the gold and other heavier values behind the riffles. The first three riffles in the sluice are stream riffles, that are shorter and designed to work with minimum water flow.

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Heckler Fabriion, D.I.Y. Parts & supplies for your sluice box needs. Everything needed for modifiion of your Highbanker, or any other equipment using a sluice box. & See our Custom Build page on our site if you want us to custom build one for you.

Gold Sluice Boxes for Prospecting Water Powered Gold

Sluicing is a method of separating and recovering gold from the placer gravel by the use of running water. Gold is caught or trapped by riffles. Riffles are purposeful obstructions which slow the movement of gold in the sluice so it can be trapped in miner''s moss, carpeting, or rubber matting in the bottom of the sluice.

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tipes riffles in sluices. tipes riffles in sluices. Types Of Sluice Boxes Jungle Gold vs Gold Rush. I notice in the gold shows they are using diffrent types of sluices The Jungle Gold sluices does not have any riffles just what looks like artificial turf. Read more. Setting the Proper Water Velocity Through a Sluice

Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice

The sluice I was trying out was the Grizzly Gold Trap (Explorer model). It''s basically an improved version of the bazooka sniper. We had both a sniper + grizzly side by side and it was clear that this was an improvement over the original.

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Dec 23, 2012 · different types of riffles and what they look like « on: December 21, 2012, 10:16:15 PM » just so many types and versions been reading a million articles on them anyone wanna give a little explaination and reasoning for the different design i understand different conditions and gold but some pics and spacing info would be great go away snow

Setting the Proper Water Velocity Through a Sluice Box

In setting up a sluice, if feasible, it is desirable to have enough water flow to move the material through the box as fast as you can shovel (or dredge) it in at full production speed. Most of the riffles being used today are designed so that a concentratingaction takes place behind the riffles.

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Riffle definition is to form, flow over, or move in riffles. How to use riffle in a sentence.

5 Tips to Capture More Gold in your Sluice Box

Areas with heavy black sands may pack the riffles, which will obviously prevent gold from getting captured. Slightly increasing flow through your sluice may help, but don''t get to carried away at the expense of losing more gold due to turbulence in the sluice box. Types of Sluice Matting Matting material has come a long way in recent years.

Riffles Keene pour sluice de 25,4 cm intérieur

Description. Frame with several riffles, ideal for sluice with carpet type minermoss or keene. 2 models available in 25 x 58 cm or 25 x 78 cm.

Yellow Jacket Sluice Box 45 Inch for Gold Prospecting

The 45" Sluice is the ideal prospecting tool for both the weekend prospector and the professional prospector. Yellow Jacket brand sluices can create quantities of concentrates ten times faster than just panning by hand. This sluice is (Approx.) 9 inches wide x 45 inches long with a 8.5 x 13.5x inches removable flare, and weighs just 9 pounds.

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tipes riffles in sluices How to use a sluice box Mineral Processing & How to use a sluice box Many engineers compromise by equipping the upper 2 or 3 feet of a sampling sluice with Hungariantype riffles and the remainder with expanded metal lath.

How to Sluice for Gold goldfeverprospecting

Once the riffles collected a large quantity of concentrated black sand, a "cleanup" was implemented. The flow of water through the sluice would be diminished by a type of water gate. Then the riffles would be removed, allowing access to the heavier materials, which had collected during the "run."

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