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303(d) list between 1994 and 2008. Public and private partners have implemented best management practices (BMPs) to reduce erosion and improve riparian conditions. Recent bioassessment data collected along South Fork Shoshone Creek indie that water quality conditions are improving as a result of restoration efforts.


It is the policy of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as derived from various laws, including the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 (MLA), as amended [30 U.S.C. 181 et seq.], and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA), as amended, to make mineral and best management practices (BMPs). The

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BLM News. BLM Announces Leadership Changes The U.S. Bureau of Land Management recently announced changes in key leadership positions. Kristin Bail will succeed Neil Kornze as the agency''s Acting Director, and Jody L. Hudson will take Carole CarterPfisterer''s position as the Assistant Director for Human Capital Management.

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Apr 25, 2017 · The Bureau of Land Management requires oil and gas companies on federal lands to use the Bureau''s best environmental management practices. The Bureau also inspects oil and gas wells to verify that the practices are in use and assess how well they actually protect the environment.

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Dec 13, 2013 · Best Management Practices, State of California, The Resources Agency, Department of Parks and Recreation, Trails and Resource Management Section, North Coast Redwoods District, 2001 BLM Manual Handbook, GV191.67.T7 T724, US Bureau of Land Management, 1984 A Water Quality and Stream Habitat Protection Manual for County Road Maintenance in

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Recommended: The document is a broad overview of possible BMPs, to be required or not by individual Resource Management Plans. "Best management practices (BMPs) are stateoftheart mitigation measures applied to oil and natural gas drilling and production to help ensure that energy development is conducted in an environmentally responsible

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Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) to develop best management practices (BMPs) for executive departments and agencies to enhance pollinator habitat on Federal lands. The USDA/DOI Federal lands guidance focuses on the large expanses of managed


Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management. Best Management Practices v1.0 April 24, 2018 Attachment 1 1 . BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES FOR THE CLEAN WATER ACT . SPATIAL DATA STANDARD . A hillside gravel road in Western Oregon forest with culverts.

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In these cases, the BLM works with project proponents to minimize impacts by altering design features and implementing best management practices. Finally, the BLM may consider implementing compensatory mitigation to benefit resources of concern when adverse impacts are expected to remain.

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The US EPA has a web page dedied to "Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Operations Best Management Practices (BMPs)" which contains good information and links to other information sources. The terms "management measures" and "management practices" are also used by EPA when referring to best management practices.

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National Best Management Practices for Water Quality Management on National Forest System Lands Volume 1: National Core BMP Technical Guide National Best Management Practices for Water Quality Management on National Forest System Lands Volume 1: National Core BMP Technical Guide United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service FS990a

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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT ePlanning Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (2008) > Land Use Planning Register > Moab Field Office Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan (2008) > Documents & Reports: Project Search: Best Management Practices for Raptors & Their Associated

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Oct 23, 2018 · The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) monitors the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP) as specified in Resource Management Plans to gain a better understanding as to whether or not the BMP are implemented as intended and if they are they effective.

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BLM Bureau of Land Management BMPs best management practices CalPIF California Partners in Flight CDFW California Department of Fish and Wildlife CEQ Council on Environmental Quality CFR Code of Federal Regulations DOA U.S. Department of Agriculture DOI U.S. Department of the Interior EA Environmental Assessment

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To satisfy these responsibilities, the BLM works closely with its lessees and operators to implement best management practices and other required mitigation. Designed to promote safe and efficient operations, these measures minimize impacts to the environment by concentrating development in smaller areas and lessening impacts to affected resources.


BLM WIND ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM POLICIES AND BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES (BMPS) The BLM''s Wind Energy Development Program will establis h a number of policies and BMPs, provided below, regarding the deve lopment of wind energy resources on BLMadministered public lands. The policies and BMPs will be applicable to all wind energy


months of the year to minimize wildlife disturbance. In 2004, BLM issued a policy on best management practices that was intended to reduce, prevent, or avoid adverse environmental or social impacts from oil and gas development. 3 Best management practices can include, for example,

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The US Bureau of Land Management announced expanded best management practices (BMP) for oil and gas producers operating on onshore federal lands. The US Bureau of Land Management

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BLM Policies and Directives Guidance for Use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and/or Required Design Features (RDFs) Offices who are revising and amending Greater SageGrouse Resource Management Plans will apply Required Design Features (RDFs) provided in the pending Preferred Alternatives.


The purpose of the brochure is to give the reader some basic range management practices useful for reducing impacts to surface and ground water due to grazing. This document has been derived wholly from "Grazing Best Management Practices, Wyoming Nonpoint Source Management Plan, Final, March 1997" but is not all inclusive.

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BUREAU OF TRANSPORTATION STATISTICS. U.S. Department of Transportation. 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE. Washington, DC 20590. 8008531351. Phone Hours: 8:305:00 ET MF

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The Wind Energy Development Final Programmatic EIS

The Wind Energy Development Final Programmatic EIS evaluates the potential impacts associated with the proposed action to develop a Wind Energy Development Program, including the adoption of policies and best management practices (BMPs) and the amendment of 52 BLM land use plans to address wind energy development.

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Stormwater management practices that are already being used should be recognized and appropriate credit given to those who have already made progress toward protecting water quality. There is no need to spend additional resources for a practice that is already in existence and operational. Best Management Practices: FoodRelated Cleaning


Bureau of Land Management — Oil and Gas Best Management Practices Colorado Division of Wildlife — Actions to Minimize Adverse Impacts To Wildlife Resources (2008). Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project — searchable database of mandatory and voluntary Best Management Practices recommended in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

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The BLM verifies, on a parcelbyparcel basis, federal mineral ownership as leasing nominations are received. BLM uses best management practices, mitigations, stipulations and notices to ensure that it supports the development of oil and natural gas, while minimizing adverse effects to the environment.

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Best Management Practices (BMPs): What? How? And Why? (May 26) GetchesWilkinson Center Conferences, Workshops, and Hot Topics 5262011 SLIDES: Master Development Plans (MDPs): Oil and Gas Projects Mary Bloomstran Review BLM GIS data – issues

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Best Management Practices for Electric Utilities in SageGrouse Habitat . 2.0 LIST OF CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS, REVIEWERS, AND PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS. 2. Avian Power Line Interaction Committee • (Members listed under their respective companies/organizations) Bureau of Land Management • Vicki Herren • Lucas Lucero • Paul Makela

More sensitive BLM offers paint swatches Wyoming News

Paint is one tool in the Best Management Practices (BMP) approach the BLM wants its project managers to consider when reviewing appliions for permits to drill, said Rebecca Watson, the


B.A. Elliott, Kurzel, B., and S. Spackman Panjabi. 2011. Recommended Best Management Practices for Plants of Concern. Practices developed to reduce the impacts of oil and gas development activities to plants of concern. Unpublished report prepared by the Rare Plant Conservation Initiative for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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