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i) Direct Reduced Iron: Production. This product is known as direct reduced iron (DRI) or sponge iron. Processes that produce iron by reduction of iron ore (in solid state) below the melting

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Sponge iron process for manned space exploration Final project report June 2005 1 Introduction Reduction of oxidised iron species is a wellestablished technology utilised in iron metal production. The basic principle applied in this process is to reduce the iron oxides with process.

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Sponge iron powder . The Höganäs process is a direct reduction method for production of sponge iron powder using magnetite ore (Fe3O4) and carbon as raw materials. The reduction process takes place in a gas fired tunnel kiln at around 1200°C for 60 hours producing a sponge iron cake that is crushed, milled and

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promising availability of coal in India, the coal based sponge iron plants share the major amount of its production. The availability of raw materials, high demand of sponge iron and less payback period, sponge iron industry has emerged as a profitable venture. However, due to lack of proper integration techniques, nonoptimal process

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India topped the list of sponge iron producers during 2017 with 25.8 million tons of products. PERED, jointly developed by Iran and Germany, is a direct reduction process converting iron oxides, in the form of pellets or lump ore, to highly reduced product suitable for steel making.

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Sponge iron making is a process in which iron ore lumps (typically 5mm18mm size) are tumbled with a ''select'' grade of ironcoking coal little dolomite inside an inclined rotary kiln and control combusted in the presence of air for about 12 hours before the products are air cooled, magnetically separated, screened and size wise in finished

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Table of ContentsElectric Furnace Production of Pig SteelMaking Pig Iron by Electric Furnace Regulation of CarbonPig Iron ImpuritiesLoss of Iron in the SlagAdaptability of the Process to Continuous OperationCost of Production of Pig IronPig Iron At the beginning of the use of the electric furnace, for the manufacture of calcium carbide and ferroalloys, experimental work was conducted in it

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The process is highly flexible with regards to iron ore reducing gas sources. Plants can operate at a wide spectrum of hydrogen to carbonmonoxide ratios (0.5 to 3.5) (Eliot and Kopfle, undated) This DRI production process is highly energy efficient and further energy gains are realized if the hot DRI is immediately transferred to the EAF melt shop.


Mar 07, 1972 · The present invention relates to a process for producing sponge iron using sintered ore as the material charged to the reducing apparatus. The production of sponge iron includes the direct reduction of iron ores which have been mixed with reducing agent.

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Jun 24, 2019 · India''s Sponge Iron: Production: For Sale data was reported at 2,877.000 Metric Ton th in May 2019. This records an increase from the previous number of 2,838.000 Metric Ton th for Apr 2019. India''s Sponge Iron: Production: For Sale data is updated monthly, averaging 1,579.000 Metric Ton th from May 2013 to May 2019, with 73 observations.

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Mar 11, 2016 · The presentation gives features, properties and various details of direct reduced iron.

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Efficient backward integration has rendered it as the only sponge iron manufacturer in the country, with its own captive raw material resources and power generation capacity helping the company to monitor both price and quality of its products. The plant uses direct reduced iron (DRI) process method of production and utilises ten


The major Raw Materials required for production of Sponge Iron by the rotary kiln process are: sized graded Iron Ore and NonCoking coal. Limestone, in small quantities, is also required to scavenge the sulphur. IRON ORE The quality requirement of Sized ore for sponge iron production

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Sponge iron reaction Wikipedia. The sponge iron reaction (SIR) is a chemical process based on redox cycling of an ironbased contact mass, the first cycle is a conversion step between iron metal (Fe) and wuestite (FeO), the second cycle is a conversion step between wuestite (FeO) and magnetite (Fe 3 O 4).

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Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Production Plant NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Basic Concept or Summary S16 A direct reduced iron (DRI) production plant is a shaft reduction furnace to produce DRI with large metal iron content by directly reducing iron ore (or iron ore pellets) with reducing gases.

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Jul 29, 2010 · TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF MANUFACTURE OF SPONGE IRON We have produced 55 million tons plus of steel in our country in the year 2008.This production of steel has come thro both conventional blast furnace route, electric arc/induction furnace route and thro new iron making technology COREX.

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The process flow diagram (PFD) of sponge iron production process, shown in Fig. 1, consists of a number of equipment namely rotary kiln, rotary cooler, DSC, ABC, WHRB, ESP, wet scrapper and chimney. As the aim of the present work is to correlate input and output parameters of the sponge iron process

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Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), also known as Sponge Iron, offers an alternative steel production route to BFBOF and ScrapEAF routes. In DRI, iron ore is reduced in its solid state – unlike BF process where a liquid metal is formed during reduction. DRI can then be transformed to steel in electric arc furnaces. DRI production is common in Middle East, South America, India and Mexico.

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Uninterrupted Production Process . Best quality of iron ore is processed into sponge iron through DRI process. The waste gases geberated are used to generate power. Step 2 The sponge iron is then subjected to induction furnaces which produces 400 tons of steel billets per day through concast route.

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The sponge iron reaction (SIR) is a chemical process based on redox cycling of an ironbased contact mass, the first cycle is a conversion step between iron metal (Fe) and wuestite (FeO), the second cycle is a conversion step between wuestite (FeO) and magnetite (Fe 3 O 4).


2. PRODUCTION OF IRON AND STEEL POWDERS 8 2.3 The Höganäs Sponge Iron Process The Höganäs sponge iron process, is essentially a chemical process in which finely divided iron ore is being reduced with coke breeze yielding a spongy mass of solid metallic iron, which can readily be comminuted to iron powder. The iron ore used at

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Steel Production Process Process for production of Sponge Iron. The production process for the sponge iron is as given below:


May 16, 1972 · Process for production of sponge iron by direct reduction of iron ore wherein iron ore admixed with a carbonaceous reducing agent is passed through a rotary kiln countercurrent to a gas stream, and wherein granular coking high volatile coal is injected cocurrent to said gas stream as a solid reducing agent by means of oxygen containing gases through an inlet pipe, and said solid reducing

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ually innovating the world''s most reliable and productive ® Direct Reduction Technology: The MIDREX® Process. The MIDREX® Process is unsurpassed in the Direct Reduction industry in terms of production and process flexibility to meet the constantly evolving nature of steelmakers and orebased metallics providers.

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A process for producing pig iron is described, which contains a reducing shaft furnace 1 and a melting gasifier 2. The sponge iron produced from iron ores in the reducing shaft furnace is supplied to the melting gasifier and converted there into a pig iron melt. The gas produced in the melting gasifier is supplied directly via a line 4 as reducing gas to the reducing shaft furnace.

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May 04, 2014 · sponge iron making through coal based (noncoking coal) is developed by siil, andhra pradesh through undp/unido aid and m/s.lurgi chemie technique , west germay. all the sponge iron plants of capacities of 50tpd, 100 tpd, 350 tpd and 500 tpd are developed on this technology only.


The process of sponge iron making aims to remove the oxygen from iron ore. The quality of sponge iron is primarily ascertained by the percentage of metallization (removal of oxygen), which is the ratio of metallic iron to the total iron present in the product. Sponge iron manufacture is highly sensitive to raw material characteristics.

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The sponge iron process. The longest established of these processes is the sponge iron process, the leading example of a family of processes involving solid state reduction of an oxide. In the process, selected magnetite (Fe3O4) ore is mixed with coke and lime and placed in a silicon carbide retort.

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